When English Makes Sense

Do you know why the word "home" sounds and looks the way it does?

Is there a strict relationship between the spoken language and its written form?

Do you believe there are pronunciation and spelling rules in English?

If your answers are no then consider yourself lucky to have found us! is here to convince you that English does possess spelling rules indeed and is far more structured and meaningful than you have ever imagined! is an educational training programme aimed at both children and adults. We organise EFL (English as a Foreign Language) courses for children, Phonics for Kids, as well as work with children who are native speakers of English. We have an extensive experience with teaching children how to read and write in English. Our goal is to make sure children understand the language principles and build up their language knowledge in a meaningful way.

Our teaching is based on phonics, a teaching method used widely in the English speaking world that enables children to understand why letters and words in English sound the way they do, make connections between the spoken language (sounds) and its written form (spelling) therefore make learning English a consequential process.

Our attention is also given to EFL teachers and parents of native speakers or EFL children. In our practically designed courses, Phonics for Teachers and Phonics for Parents, we are determined to convince teachers and parents based in the Czech Republic that English is an explicit language built on concrete principals and rules. There are exceptions indeed, but wouldn’t you expect some in any world language?
Our ambition is to offer teachers a phonics based methodology they may implement in their own English classes while parents benefit from understanding the English language principles in order to assist their children with their language education at home.
With you'll soon have the English speaking world at your feet
Katerina Gacek
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